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To help share your ideas, products or interests with others. Free.


Generate QR codes with custom colors, logos, and patterns.


Unlimited changes to QR Code's destinations without having to recreate them. Create the code once, edit the scan destination as many times as you want.


Configure you QR Codes with different names, tags and more.


Analytics dashboard provides you with actionable insights about everything, including how many times your QR codes were scanned, with which links and when...

Link in Bio

Create personalized landing pages linked to their dynamic QR codes. Showcase your social media profiles, personal website, blog, or any online presence within a single, easily accessible page.


Unveiling the answers to our most frequently asked questions


What's the deal with creating an account?

By creating an account you can store all your created QR codes in one place; see the statistics on each code’s scan; delete QR codes; change the content of QR codes without changing the appearance.

Can I play with QR codes without signing in?

Sure thing! You can create static QR codes without an account, but having one lets you create dynamic QR codes with analytics and Link in Bio pages.

Is my account info safe and sound?

Certainly! No more hassle with the old email and password drill. Sign up with Google or Facebook, and your account details are protected like the crown jewels. For a deeper dive into our security measures, check out our privacy policy.


Do QR Codes have a scanning limit?

No, QR codes that you create have no scanning limit.

Is there an expiriation time for QR Codes?

No, QR codes that you create do not have a time limit. You can use them for as long as you need.

Is there a limit to how many times I can edit a QR code?

No, feel free to edit your QR codes as often as needed.

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Can I change a QR Code without changing it's appearance?

Yes, when you create an account all QR codes created by you will be dynamic. You can change the content any time.

What customization features are available for QR codes?

Customize patterns, colors, and backgrounds with our free dynamic QR code creator.

Can I add my logo to the QR Code ?

You have the freedom to include your logo to the QR code that you create.

Can I add tags to my QR codes for better organization?

Absolutely! You can add one tag or a dozen ones to your QR codes.

Is it possible to name my QR codes according to my preference?

Yes, you can give your QR code a name that resonates with you for easier naviagtion.

Can I track the performance of my QR codes?

Yes, after you create an account you would see the number of scans, locations, and links visited for all of your QR codes.

Is my data secure while using the tracking features?

Rest assured, your data security is our top priority. We employ certified subprocessors to handle the intricacies of our tracking features. For a detailed overview, please refer to our privacy policy. Your peace of mind is paramount to us.

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